Pool Table Services

Cloth Replacement

We remove the old fabric and staples before installation of the new cloth. All cloth replacement includes the bed and the rails. We offer multiple grades and colors of cloth.

Cushion replacement - Tighten Pockets

Removal of the old cushions and replacing them with new live gumrubber cushions. The pockets are hand cut to match the pocket profile of the table. This is an ideal time to tighten the pockets the right way. 

Precision Leveling

Complete removal of the slate and installed from scratch. Solid maple wood shims are used to level each piece of slate individually. With the best methods and the proper materials, we warranty every level for a full year.


Let the professionals safely disassemble, wrap, and move your pool table the right way.  Moving a table in one piece is not safe for the table or the persons involved. Save your backs and your drywall. 

Pool Table Assembly

Professional pool table assembly services, we can install all makes and models. Experienced with tables from every era. Let the professionals make your table look great and play to its full potential.  We back every install with a full one year warranty.

Cloth Color Options

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Professional Pool Table Service

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